Will Darrell Issa defeat Applegate in 2016?

If you know anything about Darrell Issa, it would be obvious why Nancy Pelosi would be after him.  I remember watching him capture on a handycam video a bunch of Democrats escaping through a back door of the house so that they could avoid voting on a bill that would be wildly unpopular where they come from–unpopular to the little people they “represent”.  Cowardly, the Dem Reps shuffled out the door.  Bravely, Issa got them on video with their pants basically down.

This is why I love Darrell Issa.

This is why it would be horrible if folks in North County San Diego are duped and vote for this Applegate guy.  The “col” part of his name is prominently displayed on the mailers he sends to patronize to the Military Vets–but make no mistake.  He is a pawn of the left at best.

Pelosi has poured in gobs of money trying to make it appear as though Issa does not care about what occurred on September 11th, 2001.  That was bothersome.  Then they try to make it appear as though he has some sort of conflicted interests a la the Clinton Foundation.  All pathetic untruths.

Unfortunately, Applegate has used the Trump/Billy Bush video to make it appear that Issa is at fault for Trump using the word “Fanny”– or was it “Pussy”?  I can not recall at this point.  All I know is that the dialogue was no more extreme than what you would hear on every other HBO Original Series programming.  In fact, the Trump talk was tame in comparison.

If Darrell Issa does lose this particular term–I think he merely needs to run again in the next mid-term election.  No matter what the outcome, Issa should not give up the fight.






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Do Americans Care about Julian Assange?

Do Americans care about Julian Assange?  Yes.  They do.  If they don’t, they should.  He is the nucleus of free-speech.  I do not agree with breaking into, hacking and publishing Pentagon and Military information that would put US troops in danger.  That is now what Julian Assange is about.

Julian Assange never bothered the American left until he started to leak emails sent around the Clinton Campaign that revealed their racism, collusions with the so-called free-media–which is undeniably actually a state-sponsored media when it comes to protecting the left

Many Americans have lost sleep over Assange.  If we puzzle the pieces together, John Kerry met with some world leaders in the open and on the secret side met with the leader of Ecuador.  Ecuador being a small player was bullied into switching off Assange’s internet connection so that Assange’s mission would be terminally aborted–at least until the election.  This is bad enough for us Americans to be cut off from Assange.  The more frightening aspect is the uncertainty of it all–are they going to assassinate Julian Assange?  Is he still alive?  Will we ever gain access to the information he obtained?

Assange’s quest to breakdown the façade has changed my thinking.  More and more my own country is no longer the country that once was.  There is no more free-speech.  Sixteen states of voting machines that were provided by companies with close ties to George Soros.  When the Obama administration, who allowed Bob Creamer (the guy hiring and training mentally ill and homeless to put disrupt Trump rallies putting themselves and others in danger) at least 345 meetings at the white house 45 of which Barack Obama was present, things change for me.  When I think of Bill Clinton taking $1 million dollars from Qatar for a birthday present and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation taking $50 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (while 9/11 families struggle), I can not support my own country.  Obama tried to blame WikiLeaks on Vladimir Putin to which Vladimir Putin says he has no interest in the United States Election.


If Russia is suppose to be the enemy I do not see that.  The real enemy here is the Obama/Clinton Doctrines which allow the United States to provide billions of dollars to the number one state sponser of terrorism which fund ISIS (or ISIL as Obama respectively calls them).  In that case–the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  I hope Assange is okay and I hope that he has a back-up plan for what the United States (in using the puppet of Ecuador) has done.  There is no more Free-Speech in the United States.  What exists now is merely a faded version of what once existed.  It will only disappear completely as it is the only way the liberal left can cover their tracks.


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Can NEEL KASHKARI beat JERRY BROWN FOR California’s Gov in 2014?

This year on Flag Day 2014 I ended up attending a Republican event in which Senator Mike Lee from Utah was a keynote speaker and pretty much all the Orange County folks who happen to be Republican seemed to show up to this event. I was there by default. The weekend before I had met just about the coolest guy ever from Redondo Beach and though his breath smelled a bit of Marijuana when I first ran into him, I had fallen into “Like” (not “Love”) with him. By the next Tuesday, he called me to let me know we basically wouldn’t be seeing much of each other anymore for various reasons. In order to get over my grief of getting over the guy I had fallen into Like with, I went online to do some impulse shopping. Instead of buying a pair of Ugg boots or a Naked Zebra top, I ended up purchasing a ticket to the Orange County Repubican Flag Day Event. It would give me something productive to do the next weekend as I mourned the loss of the Redondo Beach guy.

As you might imagaine, I do not hold very much political clout. I arrived at the event, checked in, got a drink and took a seat at my assigned table in the corner, table #42. As other people arrived at my table I got to know them, the Nguyens, Mr. Chavez and then One guy arrived at table #42, took a seat and introduced himself as Neel Kashkari. “Oh!” I had said, “You’re running for governor!” As I said this, my thought was that he was running for governor–why was he sitting at the table in the corner? I was a bit worried that maybe he was not well liked–among Orange County Republicans?

I let Mr. Kashkari know that I had voted for him and that I thought he had a great position on the primary ballot–his name had been at the top of the list. I did not mention that thought I identified more with Tim Donnelly, I was deterred from voting for him because a few days before the primary there was a group of people off of Imperial holding a Donnelly sign. They had kids with them and one of those kids was wearing high-heeled shoes marketed and sold for kids to wear. Anyways, I was a bit annoyed by the high-heeled shoes on a six-year old. I think that combined with Kashkari’s position on the ballet locked in my decision because I had very little time to seriously look at any of the issues. I also got to meet Kashkari’s significant other who is originally from the Phillipines but works much of the time in New York. Hopefully, she is able to help him in the campaign as they are an attractive couple.

Kashkari, over the summer filled in for the Jon & Ken Show on 640 KFI. I do not remember the exact date–but it occured the same night that I was driving down to Lake Forest to watch the movie Wall-E in Cherry Park. If more people were following the issues, Kashkari would be banking a ton of Libertarian Votes. At the time he was challenging Jerry Brown to a debate and he was Jon & Ken were going to let Brown fill in for them on another occasion. So now the summer is basically over and it looks like there is going to be a debate on September 4th, 2014. However, it appears that the folks moderating it are a bunch of San Francisco Jerry Brown minions. I expect the moderators will know doubt Candy Crawley it a bunch. However, I am quite interested to see how Neel Kashkari will deflect all the punches that will be handed to him. Kashakri is hardly the stick figure that Meg Whitman was last time around. There is, I think, a chance that Kashkari’s momentum and recognition can pick up from now into November–he just needs a really good moment that goes seriously viral and wakes up Californians to the idea that he is at this time, the best man for the job.

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The thing that makes a guy attractive or unattractive; appealing or unappealing, by far, is the way that he thinks. If he thinks about on the level of a box of blocks, then it is difficult to star into his eyes and see anything outside of box of blocks. Perhaps one of the dumbest thing ever said by one of the individuals that People magazine has delegated as their so called “sexiest man alive” was said by Brad Pitt when, upon the release of his movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he said that if everyone would not purchase a CD for $10 and instead donate $10 to Africa, then world hunger would go away. What astouned me most was that during the promotion of his own movie, he could not seem to bring himself to say, “Instead of spending $10 to see this stupid movie a am the so-called star of, could you donate it to Africa. It sure would make a dent in saving Africa.”

Moving on to George Clooney, here is but one of his dumb statements, that his big regret in life is that he “…has not done enough for the people of Darfur….” Not done enough? Dude, you parade and jet set all over the world with your exclusive villas in France and you expect to the world to perceive that in relation to your income and resources you have done a thing for Darfur. Please, could you please, at least for a split second, get over your pathetic self.

I will be brief, because this is all really about Justin Beiber. I am not sure I have spelled his name correctly, but I am hoping that if you have read this far then you will know who I am talking about. If given the chance to spend any substatntial amount of time with Justin, George or Brad, the ultimatel choice will, by a huge landslide, for many women, old geriatric age, to young babbling tween be that of Justin Beiber. The primiary reason being that Justin Beiber has not yet said anything so dumb that it makes him out to be as intelligent as a box of blocks. This is not to say that down the road he will not be spoon fed or is not currently being spoon fed stupid stuff to say by all his managers and handlers but so far, he has a good lead.

I must say though there are a few who so far rank ahead of Jusin–those being Bradley Cooper, Ed Norton and Jonas Goldberg. Those are about the only ones I can think of that do not meet down to the ‘box of blocks’ category so far.

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What makes the movie The Descendent an incestuous movie?

I rarely watch movies, but once in a blue moon, I think that there might be a slight chance, that I might be entertained or find a movie enjoyable. From now on, it should be quite obvious that if a movie is acclaimed or the winner of any sort of award–Academy Award or whatever the award, it is likely a red flag that it is a dumb movie, not worth seeing. I took a venture today against this policy and went to see the movie the Descendents. About 15 minutes into it, I could not help but to identify an underlying sexually incestuous relationship between the dad and the 17 year old daughter. There were just certainh odd scenes–him wanting to have the deep conversation with her while she is in a bikini; them constantly leaning into eachother, the responsibility he puts on her to look after the little sister–when at the very end, it is a social worker, who suddenly pops in to break the plugpulling news to the 10 year old. The second to the last scene has the 17 year old in a blue bikini on one end and UncleDad George on the other. The boat bops up and down, somewhat sensually, as the ashes of the gross mother are dumped into the water. The little sister is in the middle. Then the last scene UncleDad George brings out a bowl of strawberry ice cream for the 10 year old and a bowl of mocha ice cream for himself. A moment later, the 17 year old daughter gets under the covers, snuggling up to UncleDad George and she and him share the mocha icecream together. This movie has an underlying sexuality between the 17 year old daughter and the father. Other annoying things about this movie is the ongoing pity-party as he tells everyone he is going to pull the plug on mom because, of course, conveniently, it was in her will. It allows for getaways to other Hawaiian Islands, where the 17 year old lies in the beach, with the bikini of her back untied, while the younger 10year old leans into the teen daughters so-called boyfriend. Then, while flipping through the Adult Moviescategory at the hotel, will into their clicking around the different titles, only then does uncledadddy George, put his hand down. One of the stupidist elements of this movie are that constantly refer to the mother as was is/had have–unsure of how to refer to her status as past or present. I could go on about how dumb this movie was and hope this will remind me that if a movie has any honors at the dopey award shows–then it is one to skip. Kevin Costner and George Clooney movies often have a filmography where they are in movies cast with handfuls of teen girls–often playing subliminal sexual roles off of the girl. Be it in the capacity as them being the actual father, step father or friend of the mother. This movie was not far from Lolita–when the mother is out of the picture, the daughter becomes the woman–and though the Clooney character and the 17 year old character never have a full on sex scene–the sexuality between them was a constant thread through out this movie.

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How to buy drugs in Mexico? (Prescription drugs, that is)

I have not beeen on a vacation in awhile and have not had a day off from work in awhile. I take it many of you out there are in the same boat as myself. If you have been struggling to stay afloat in your daily life for the last couple of years or perhaps the last couple of decades, then I do recommend taking some time off from work to properly take care of yourself. If you are here, it may be because you have had problems with the medical system here in the U.S trying to control everything you do when in all likelyhood, it is you who best knows your body, soul and spirit. I hope this will be helpful to anyone who needs it.

You will need either a passport or the new passsport card to allow yourself to cross back and forth into and out of Mexico. If you are on the East Coast, then come over to the West Coast. California is what I am most familiar with. Get yourself a car with a tank of gas and had down I-5, South. Depending on your starting point, you will go through Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Pull off on Dairy Mart Exit, pull into the first strip mall you see and go ahead and purchase the Mexican Auto Insurance. Even though your own insurance may cover much of your journey from the US to Mexico, it will be good to have should anything happen.

Get back on I5 South and soon you will enter Mexico. There is no one single way to do this–this is just a safe route that I recommend. Head towards Rosarito Beach area. Once you are in Rosarito Bearch you can stop at Hospital Banorte and have a consultation with a Physician. He will right the prescriptions you need whatever that might be—zit medicine, lets say. You have just saved yourself a trip to the Primary Phsyician and Specialist Dermatologist. Once you have your prescription, go across the street to Roma Pharamcy. They will fill your prescriptions.

I do have vacation pictures I would love to share with you have all the beautiful sights in Puerta Nueva and the view from Rosarito Beach Hotel. I would love to post all the pictures of the characters from the Mercado and the unique personalities; but unfortunately, I took them with an Apple Phone, and have know means of downloading them onto anything and taking them off the phone. When I went to the Apple store at the Brea Mall, it sounded like I would have to spend a fortune to buy compatible hardward and software. So until then, my pictures of my pharamceutical drug vacation (which I treasure like babies) I am not able to share because I have sold my soul to the devil when getting the iphone. Or so that is how I feel right now. If anything changes I will post the pictures so you could see for yourself.

The tricky part of the your pharmaceutical drug vacation in Mexico, will no doubt, be getting back. I was with an experienced Mexico-traveler and it was not a simple task because the road we would have taken was shut down and we went all around Tijuana and got so lost Josue, who was selling Churos got into the backseat of the car and helped us to navigate the way out. Good luck to you in the planning of your getaway. Buenos Noches.

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