Does Barack Obama have False Teeth?

Does Barack Obama have False Teeth?  To me this is totally irrelevant; and yet, I have to say that based on the fact that President Obama is based on nothing BUT image, image, image, I have to say that his teeth, are indeed, very relevant.  During the high points of the 2008 election a lot of people were going off about whether this election was about race, gender or age.  I remember thinking at the time, that it was all about teeth.  John McCain had ratty looking front teeth.  No dentist today would bother implanting something like the teeth McCain had.  (They would likely give him Lou Dobbs or Chris Mathews-esque fake teeth).  There is no doubt in my mind that those were the same adult teeth John McCain owned while being hosted at the Hanoi Hilton. 

Now lets move over to Barack Obama’s teeth.  They are quite big and symmetrical, extremely white–well beyond what a tooth whitener could produce.  Even more telling, if you look at pictures of him from younger days, his 2008 teeth do not match.  I do wonder what his real teeth would look like right now.  Maybe they are just crowns over a drilled down base.  Maybe they have all been pulled out altogether and an oral surgeon went in and drilled into his jawbone to create the image of teeth to their utmost perfection.  A lot of people out there want to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  I am more interested in seeing an X-Ray from his dentist.  I am also interested in knowing why his college transcripts from Columbia are being kept so hush-hushed, particularly since the so-called main-stream media was all over how George W. Bush was incompetent based on his transcript.  At least George W. Bush was man enough and transparent enough to release this information.  Hopefully, by the time 2012 rolls around Wikileaks will be out of business but Denti-leaks will provide us some telling X-rays about the images of perfection that many voting citizens seem to think they are witnessing.

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